Let Your Car Text For You!

car text for you

It is not uncommon for dogs take-on the personalities of their owners, not difficult to imagine a portly, grizzly faced guy walking his audacious English Bulldog or a droopy-eyed old hunter driving his sad-eyed Blood Hound around in the back of the truck or a bouncy little social-light with her yipping little Yorkie bouncing around beneath her feet.

Now, imagine a car that takes on the personality of its owner. Not surprisingly, that future is not far away. In fact, soon enough, cars will be texting for their owners while their owners concentrate on the road – although your insurance agency may not be too happy with the idea.

However, it’s more than you might imagine. This will not just be the car simply converting what the driver says into a text message...

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The Insurance Paradox

funny insurance

We buy insurance for every thing we own. We insure our cars, homes, our possessions, our health and our lives. It seems there is an insurance policy for every perceivable thing as long as it has some sort of monetary value. You would think that a couple’s marriage would be the most valuable thing in a home and would warrant at least some type of coverage. It’s just not that easy.

Women look at insurance as a way of protecting their assets. Placing a value on their possessions is easy when they are material objects. If something gets damaged or stolen, they file a claim and get a check for the estimated value of the item. When asked to place value on their husband, the price she chooses will greatly depend on whether or not he has been on her good side.

The problem with insurance is that i...

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Real Estate Agent’s Listing Description

real_estate_comicA real estate agent’s main goal is to sell homes. They set out to create an image of your home that will make it appealing to prospective buyers. An agent will look at your home, its location and your neighborhood and try to find things that will make it stand out compared to other homes listed for the same price.

An agent will begin to list why the home’s location is appealing. It is close to downtown, the park or shopping areas. For people who prefer country living, it can be quiet, secluded and off the beaten path. The neighborhood your home is located in is extremely important, especially if the home is big enough for a family with children. Convenience is a major factor for a new home buyer. Being able to have what they need in a relatively short amount of time is important.

When it c...

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Remember to Use the Sunscreen

remember to use sunscreenChildren love to play outside. Often times, they run in and out of the house so fast, it’s hard to keep track of where they are. Parents continually try to keep tabs on them to make sure they are staying out of trouble and have everything they need. The one thing that almost everyone forgets is the sunscreen. Most of the time sunscreen isn’t even considered unless the kids or adults are heading out for a day at the beach or the swimming pool. Unless water is involved, children are free to run around with nothing to protect their skin but the clothes on their backs.

It’s a harsh reminder at the end of the day, when their fair-skinned children come in the house looking like freshly boiled lobsters...

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Where Did My Garage Door Opener Go?

wheres_my_garage_door_openerWhether your garage door opener is a person or an item, you need to hold on to at least one of them. Let’s face it; we all misplace things we claim to care about, like our car keys, or even our pets. Luckily, the pets always come back home and the car keys usually turns up in a pair of previously worn pants.

Losing the garage door opener is another story – especially when you buy an expensive one! How do you lose such a delicate piece of equipment? If you were “Batman” you would definitely be in trouble, if “Alfred” lost the garage door opener. You and your “Bat Mobile” would be in some serious trouble.

Where Did Your Garage Door Opener Go

The story about the dog taking it is “Out.” But pets do like to play with items they believe are high powered toys’ especially cats...

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The Mysteries of Gardening and Growing Grass


Have you ever looked at your vegetables and wondered, “Why aren’t they growing? I fertilize them and water them every day, but they stay the same size?” You focus so much on what is in the garden, you forget about what surrounds it. Your lawn is just as important as your garden, but often times we take it for granted.

The things we grow in a garden are treated with love and care. We know that at harvest time, we will reap the rewards of all of our hard work. Our grass, on the other hand, becomes the forgotten outcast. We mow it, trim it, spray chemicals on it and our kids run and play on it like it is nothing more than the dirt under their feet...

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How to Get a Deal on Car Insurance

car insurance

Insurance companies are constantly airing ads that tell people how much money they will save if they just switch their insurance coverage. Not only is this confusing, it’s misleading as well. There are several things that come into play, the insurance companies do not include in their commercials that would make the “deal” not so beneficial for many of their clients.

Hidden Fees

When agents claim a person can save money by switching their car insurance, they are talking over the duration of the policy, not immediate savings. Once they switch, they will not get cash back or a check in the mail to show for their efforts. Instead, they will have to closely watch their statements to determine just how much is being saved each month...

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Facebook’s Part in Your Auto Insurance

Bennett editorial cartoonWe all know that one of the first measures to take after a car accident is to file an insurance claim. As if this step isn’t hard enough in itself, auto insurance providers have thought of a way to make it even more challenging. They’ve turned to social media platforms to back up their investigations. Since these sites – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others – chronicle your day-to-day activities, insurance providers now use this as a basis to whether or not they should approve your claim.

Facebook's Part in Your Auto Insurance

Injury cases

This is especially true in cases where car accidents have led to injuries, according Frank Darras, an insurance attorney who has dealt with the issue several times...

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FDA: Cereal’s Health Claims Have Gone Too Far


While consumers appreciate how food companies provide labels that give them an idea of what they decide to eat, it is quite disappointing to know that some feel the need to exaggerate their health claims. Such declarations make you want to question if any of the other packaging details have any truth to them, as well. One example is the breakfast fave Cheerios by General Mills. It seems that their claims were in serious violation of federal law according to FDA compliance regulations. So has Cheerios been deceiving us all along?

If you buy a box of Cheerios cereals, you will see that it says the product “helps lower cholesterol.” Other boxes also mention that the cereal will be able to lower cholesterol levels by 4% in six weeks...

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Double Wide Home Avoids Sink Hole


Double wide mobile homes are designed for mobility. They are assembled at a manufacturing facility, transported to a destination and then assembled once they arrive at the site. Most people who purchase double wide homes already own the land they intend to put the home on. In most cases where the construction of a building or dwelling of any sort is being considered, the land has been checked thoroughly for any abnormalities or inconsistencies. Most people don’t think of sink holes, tornadoes or other natural anomalies that can wreak havoc on a mobile home.  Don’t know what a double wide home is?  Check out this site for more information.

Guatemala-SinkholeThe mobility of a double wide is not to be exaggerated. It can be torn down and removed from a site in a relatively short period of time...

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